Wednesday, June 18, 2008

partial highlights and a weekend Uptown

The grueling day began as a result of my indulgent night...dirty martinis paired with meticulously sliced pineapple wedges soaking in grey goose...crusty bread was pushed aside and replaced with airy gnocchi and creamy king crab. A tart, balsamic syrup coated the crunchy emerald broccoli and the filet of beef was seared impreccably on a dish of its own. A cloud of Meyer lemon chiffon grew more delicious bite by bite. The mood of the evening moved from tense and lavish to sloppy and sexy. Dirty grey goose was replaced by chilled, Texas ale and bar stools...a modest sommelier with a flirtatious bartender.

We entered as celebrities..both donning midnight blue and tanned gams. The sparkling water overflowed from the mosaic-esque, ocean blue glasses. The poison of the night- Grey Goose soda with a splash of pineapple...the fruit does have it's naughty benefits. The greens were simple-who could go wrong with fragrant basil, bursting, plum tomatoes, fresh mozzerella dotted with coarse salt and spicy pepper finished with sweet roasted peppers? The pasta? Homemade. The turkey meatballs? Organic and tender. The diver scallops? Plump, fresh and crusted with a light crisp and basil oil. The conversation matched the cocktail- naughty. Drinks were sent to the handsome we have company. The espresso panna cotta never had a chance...

The dining area was lively- merengue music perfectly complemented the never-ending, family size tables. We were all dressed to the T...tailored, low rise jeans, plunging necklines, vintage jewelry, glossy champagne tresses, embellished heels and cranberry lips. Mojitos and patron rocks were the evening staple with smoky salsa and top-shelf guacamole made tableside. The heat from the peppers allowed the minty concoction to slide down with ease. Plates were refreshed with sizzling chicken breast, charred shrimp and sweet onions and peppers. The setting dripped with debauchery as our spicy perfume trailed us out of the revolving doors.