Monday, August 25, 2008

Le Crueset and a Kentucky boy

New job, new love upcoming venture into the culinary world begins quickly followed closely by the joy (and rigor) of a long-distance relationship.

A pleasure-driven visit to Nashville resulted in the chance encounter with my new beau...a nervous first date of spicy tuna with avocado and salty eel with crab ended in a return visit three weeks later. Along with my "falling in lust", the shopping and Nashville cuisine certainly kept me busy. A notable venue was in the heart of the begin, a tart blueberry rosemary martini was in hand as I scoured the menu. First course- squash blossoms filled with buttery Jonas crab on top of an Asian matchstick medley straight from the rooftop herb and vegetable garden. Grilled radicchio, Camembert and fresh figs were perfection followed by an okra, sweet corn and ham hock soup.

The next Nashville venture was reviving the kitchenware collection- solution: Le Crueset of course. Two hours after I walked through the door, my Mom and I left content with a kiwi skillet, teal buffet and white ramekins. Whole Foods was the next stop...Allison and I were the chefs du jour for the evening. On the menu for the boys- an antipasto with briny olives, salty cheese, garlicky hummus, oil infused artichokes with prosciutto and rosemary wrapped mozzarella...gnocchi with handmade meatballs...we didn't even make it to the homemade chocolate ice cream with toasted hazelnuts...and we can't forget the plethora of smooth Merlot and citrus-y Pinot. The food matched the company and my last night with my new Kentucky boy ended in tears....thank goodness for Chapter 2...

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Jarrademos said...

I am very happy to be that Kentucky boy! I really enjoy reading your blog baby!!!