Sunday, March 13, 2011

spring rolls & grapefruit green tea compote

I love making clients feel good inside & out after eating
flavorful, healthful foods that I've created.

I recently spent a sunny afternoon preparing light & fresh handheld appetizers for a surprise birthday luncheon with Linguine and Dirty Martinis.

Fresh herbs, healthy fats, citrus, teas and aggressive spices served as low calorie flavor carriers for my menu for 20:

Vegetable Spring Rolls with a Wasabi Yogurt Sauce

Before starting to assemble spring rolls,
have all ingredients ready and within reach:

Vegetables/herbs for filling
I used broccoli slaw, fresh mint, orange bell peppers, fresh basil and pickled ginger. Buttery avocado slices and blanched asparagus would also be divine later in the summertime.

Spring Roll Wrappers
(also known as rice paper)

Paper towels

A bowl of warm water
(large enough to submerge rice paper rounds)

Submerge rice paper into warm water until softened and pliable. Lift gently (careful to keep wrappers from tearing or folding onto themselves) and set on a flat surface. Carefully blot with a paper towel. Assemble filling ingredients near the bottom half of the circle (as shown).

Tightly roll bottom of wrapper over vegetable filling then fold sides over "burrito style." Continue rolling tightly to the end of the wrapper. Rice paper will seal itself.

Cut spring rolls in half on the bias
and serve with wasabi yogurt sauce.

Wasabi Yogurt Sauce:

1 c plain yogurt
1/2 c light sour cream
3 T wasabi paste
1 t lemon zest
juice of 1 lemon
1 T fresh cilantro, minced
salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl.
Chill until ready to serve. (yields 2 cups)

Orange, Feta and Green Olive Skewers
with a Lemon Mint Vinaigrette

To-do: Simply alternate pitted green olives,
chunks of feta (slide gently, these cubes crumble easily),
and orange segments on small, wooden skewers.

Drizzle with your favorite citrus vinaigrette
and fresh, minced mint.

Albacore Tuna & Spiced Chickpea Crostini with a Caper Celery Pistou and Fresh Oregano

This appetizer full of healthy omega-3's started with crisp crostini made from oatmeal wheat baguettes.


3 small oatmeal wheat baguettes or 2 regular whole wheat baguettes cut into 1/2 inch slices
3 T melted unsalted butter
1/2 t herbs de provence

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Stir herbs into melted butter. Assemble baguette slices on a baking sheet and brush tops evenly with butter mixture (as shown). Bake approximately 8-10 minutes until rounds are crisp.

While crostinis are cooling,
prepare the tuna and spiced chickpea mixture:

3 c chickpeas, rinsed and dried well
sprinklings of salt, paprika, cumin & cayenne
3 c albacore tuna (packed in water)
3 stalks celery, diced small
1/2 c capers, drained well
1 c red onion, minced
1/2 c extra virgin olive oil plus additional for drizzling
salt to taste
fresh oregano leaves to garnish

(yields approximately 50 crostini)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees (keep oven on from crostini). Toss chickpeas with spices and bake approximately 10 minutes to dry out chickpeas and toast spices. Set aside to cool.

Meanwhile, combine celery, capers and red onion with olive oil. Muddle in a mortar and pestle to make pistou or simply mash with a fork to release juices.

Combine spiced chickpeas with tuna and pour pistou atop. Adjust seasonings with salt. Serve a spoonful of mixture atop crostini with a fresh oregano leaf and a drizzle of olive oil.

Roasted Chicken Salad atop English Cucumbers
with Fresh Cilantro and Grapefruit Green Tea Compote

Crisp, seedless English cucumber was the perfect vessel for this creamy, chicken salad with a burst of vibrant citrus.

Green tea adds a cooling element
while grapefruit and lemon rind add tang.

Herbed Chicken Salad:

3 medium-sized boneless, skinless chicken breasts
a sprinkling of salt, pepper, herbs de provence & dried ginger
3 stalks celery, diced small
5 medium scallions, sliced thinly on the bias
1/4 c fresh cilantro, minced, plus additional to garnish
1/2 c fine mayonnaise
1 T dijon mustard
salt & pepper to taste
2 English cucumbers cut on the bias to 1/2 inch slices

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Toss chicken with spices and olive oil. Roast approximately 15-20 minutes until chicken is just cooked through and juicy.

Let rest a few minutes then dice into small chunks to prevent any residual cooking. Let chicken cool then combine with celery, scallions, cilantro, mayonnaise, dijon and salt and pepper to taste.

Chill completely then serve atop cucumber slices with fresh cilantro and grapefruit green tea compote.

Grapefruit Green Tea Compote:

rind and juice of 1 grapefruit
rind and juice of 1 lemon
3/4 c brewed green tea
1 c sugar

Simmer on medium high heat approximately 1 hour until reduced by half. Chill.

(yields approximately 40 canapes)

After lunch, guests sipped champagne and were spoiled silly with a beautiful white chocolate fountain complete with accompaniments compliments of my client.

strawberries, pretzels & pineapple...oh my!


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