Thursday, May 30, 2013


A little less glam than my past recipe and dinner party blog posts but after I got this awesome mention from Russell from Fort Worth Texas Magazine and Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival, I was like, "Ok, Cals, get it together. Instagram and Facebook do not equal blogging." ;)
BUT...I'm so thankful to be staying so busy with
my amaze weekly clients that I cook for.
On that note, this calls for a "lately" photo celebration! Also, will someone be in charge of yelling at me if I haven't blogged in over two weeks??
K, thanks.

So. I love asparagus! Ok, not really. It kinda smells bad when cooked and you know when else.. BUT, I love grilled asparagus. And, it's really pretty on a sheet pan with olive oil, salt and pepper. So there.

This is a pretend picture to show how much I love yogurt. The picture is gorgeous and I look like a clean-machine posting it. But, I really don't like yogurt, guys and gals, I tried.
Raspberries and pistachios are another story, though!

My gorgeous mother. Sorry, unrelated. She's going to kill me.
My hottie boyfriend. Ok, sorry. He's going to kill me, too.

Back on track. Gluten-free rotini with roasted red peppers, artichokes, arugula, shaved parm & a champagne vinaigrette for clients. Delish.

One of my fave pics from a past Fort Worth Foodie. Who doesn't want to devour cucumbers with avocado, basil and a balsamic reduction?
Photo by the fab Kari Crowe.

Tropical fruit salad for clients. Kiwi, star fruit, papaya, mango, raspberries, mint, lime and local honey. 'Nuff said.

My fave quick salad at Central Market: greens with shrooms, edamame, dried cranberries, shredded carrots, grilled chicken and sunflower seeds. Accompanied by my adored drinksy: Holy Kombucha.

Margs with TCU sorority loves at Los Vaqueros for the 28th Annual Cinco de Callie Celebration! (Don't ask...)

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Dark Cherry Salsa for clients. YUMMMM

Habanero-infused Old Fashioned in Boulder, CO for Memorial weekend. The first sip confused me (I'm an Old Fashioned snob). Then, it got better and better.
Memorial Day. On a farm. In Colorado = grass-fed beef, eggs from the backyard and adorbs doggies.

Today. For client. Sweet & sour slaw. Simple, and delicious.
Time for wine. Love y'all!


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